Yoga at the STOKED Space

Words by:  Constance Beverley Photos by: Emily Winiker

At STOKED, we challenge our kids to step outside of their comfort zones, and therefore, it was only a matter of time before I had to step out of mine. . . one should practice what they preach and all.  Therefore, it was quite fitting, just about a week after relocating to Brooklyn and taking my dream gig as STOKED's new Director of Development (Hi all! Heads up, you'll be hearing a lot more from me!) and settling into the STOKED HQ, that the challenge was set.


Flow State at the STOKED Space

Allow me to set the scene:  it's February, and my January 1st fitness resolutions are collecting dust in a misplaced journal (packed deep within a stack of moving boxes) when I get an email inviting me to a yoga class, at the STOKED SPACE, with - not just anyone, but Traci Copeland - a NIKE MASTER TRAINER. Seriously?  My first official foray back into the world of wellness and it's going to be with a certified yoga/fitness goddess?  In case you haven't guessed, this was just a bit terrifying.  Then, I had to ask myself, what would we tell our kids to do? And the answer was clear - CHALLENGE (somewhat reluctantly) ACCEPTED!


With my yoga fate (and potential public fitness failure) sealed, the day approached and I unrolled my mat and promptly hid in the corner.  But the minute Traci started speaking to our little crew of assembled STOKERS, I felt at ease.  With the start of the class, the STOKED Space turned into a zen palace of fitness possibility, rather than a brightly lit forum to display my complete lack of flexibility.  We all, quite literally, got into the flow, and the class breezed by - I can attest that the greatest yoga "prop" is a room of supportive people challenging you to be your best and just try something new (like my humorous attempt to balance in some haphazard variation of warrior 3).  I shouldn't have expected anything less, that's what STOKED is about, pushing our limits, and realizing possibilities in a supportive, encouraging environment.  We do it for our kids, for our supporters, and basically, anyone that walks through our door.

We're STOKED (naturally).

We'll be hosting various events at the STOKED Space, like yoga with Traci, and I encourage you to come on in, walk through the door, and get STOKED!

Check out events at the STOKED Space by visiting  See you soon!

Certified Fitness/Yoga Goddess a.k.a. Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland