Bobbi & Jim’s Wedding Registry Donation


Donate to STOKED for our Wedding


About the Gift

This donation, in lieu of a 'gift' , has dual significance for Bobbi and Jim. In addition to celebrating their wedding they also wished to honor the memory of Jim’s mom Evelyn Armstrong. Evelyn was a self-made professional, philanthropist, true humanitarian, proponent of education - all values which Stoked embraces and strives to instill in its kids. We both loved her dearly and miss her greatly. On our big day, she will be dancing along with all of us in our hearts.


STOKED is an award-winning and innovative non-profit that creates exciting, life-changing opportunities for underserved youth. By leveraging the power and culture of action sports, STOKED provides students with skills, relationships, and experiences to transform their lives. STOKED’s mission is to use board sports culture to close the opportunity gap for youth. STOKED currently serves 650 kids annually in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago and has impacted the lives of 5000+ kids since 2005.

Bobbi’s Involvement

Bobbi has been a board member since 2007 and is the former chairperson of STOKED. During her tenure and leadership, STOKED grew from serving under 100 students to over 650 students annually. In 2013, Bobbi was given our STOKED Appreciation Award for her long lasting commitment to our mission, for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, and making an impact on our organization on a governance level.

Bobbi with STOKED Founder, Steve Larosiliere

Bobbi with STOKED Founder, Steve Larosiliere


Your tax deductible donation goes to benefit the STOKED Snowboarding Club. The STOKED Snowboarding Club, is a new STOKED initiative to gather our most accomplished, passionate  snowboarders and give them an opportunity to progress and ride more.

What we Accomplished in 2018/2019

With this new program, we were able to give the 9 of our most passionate riders a total of 67 snowboarding experiences. This included our three day trip to Mount Snow, in-depth training techniques and group dynamics through our studying of the American Association Snowboarding training manual, as well as a student made freestyle snowboarding video.

What we plan to accomplish for 2019/2020

This upcoming season our main goal is to make STOKED Snow how-to videos that coaches can use in the classroom to help prepare new snowboarders. We also plan on more than doubling our participants, focusing more on Instructor training then the previous year, and taking the club on an overnight trip in February.