Get your company

STOKED has many companies to thank for supporting the growth and expansion of the organization’s mission. Without strong partnerships, STOKED simply wouldn’t be where it is today. Despite the incredible support, the fact remains, we have so much more work to be done and we invite your company to join us! Corporate partners have a variety of options for supporting the STOKED mission, from internship programs to financially underwriting STOKED programing into a new school. Learn more below or simply drop us a line so we can talk specifically about getting your business STOKED. 




Host STOKED Interns
Students learn by doing, and as part of our mission, we support and facilitate an intern program that gives STOKED Interns the opportunity to learn about a variety of different industries. Interns at each site will work together to develop a presentation about their host site and will be asked to present their findings to other interns at the end of the season. Students in our internship program are high school juniors and seniors who have completed a year or more of the STOKED program. Their interests range from the medical to the artistic to the mathematical. 

As a host for STOKED Interns, you are responsible for:

  • Hosting at least 2 interns for a predetermined period of time
  • Summer Internship: 7-8 weeks, 15-20 hours per week
  • Fall, Winter, or Spring Internship: 4-15 weeks, 5-10 hours per week
  • Provide students with projects and opportunities that enhance their skills
  • Allow students the opportunity to shadow other employees, attend career panels, or otherwise delve deeper into the different roles within your industry. 
  • Provide at least one intern evaluation or reflection session during the internship

Host a Student Group
Students learn about career fields and career opportunities through workshops, seminars, and site visits. If you are interested in hosting a seminar or tour, please contact us here.

Sponsor a STOKED Program
There are so many additional schools that could greatly benefit from integrating the STOKED program, but lack the funding to do so. With your help, STOKED can continue spreading in schools throughout the country. Become a corporate sponsor now!