Thanks to the generous contributions of foundations, our donors and corporate partners, STOKED is currently serving over 600 students, has spread to 3 cities and changed the lives of over 4,000 youth since inception. 

100% of STOKERS who complete our four year program graduate from high school. 

STOKED donors have the power to transform a teen from an underserved neighborhood, unsure of her future, into a confident and ambitious graduate.

Your donations fund our action sports programs, facilitate our mentor relationships and bring STOKED to new schools. 

 How Your Money Helps 

$80 - skateboard building materials for 1 student
$175 - food, transport, gear, lift ticket for 1 student on a snow trip
$500 - sponsor 1 student for a whole snow season
$1000 - sponsor a student for a full year of after school, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing
$1600 - after school supplies for a whole school cohort for 1 year
$5000 - sponsor a school for 1 year


Become a Stoked Igniter

A Membership Community Making a Difference.

STOKED Igniters is a donor membership community of 160 people around the country to give monthly or yearly to STOKED.

Directly Support a Student
Your monthly donation goes to support either the afterschool program or full year long program for a student. 

Feel More Connected to a Community
Feel empowered knowing that you're part of a community making a difference.

Membership perks include: 

  • Igniter Only Events

  • Discounts to STOKED Events

  • Exclusive Igniter Swag

  • Igniter monthly newsletter