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The Brands We Work With

We've been insanely grateful to have partnered with some of the top global lifestyle brands including Nike, Volcom and Pepsi. Read more about some of the rad projects we've produced together. To learn more about becoming a brand partner email our team. 


STOKED has been a partner of Nike since 2009. Most recently, STOKED helps to design and implement an after school skateboarding program in NYC impacting hundreds of students in partnership with DYCD.

In summer/fall 2016 STOKED had a group of kids that developed an idea to create a mobile skatepark in LA. Students designed the skatepark, designed the event and  operated different workshops that took place in various communities, including photography, DJ, skate contests and more. 


In 2012, Volcom named STOKED a beneficiary of its Giveback Series. The Giveback Series is where the publicly traded action sports brand picks a charity, designs a shirt, and has a portion of the proceeds from the sale benefit an organization. The t-shirt was a collaboration between STOKED and Volcom and used our students in their ads to sell the shirts. The shirts were sold worldwide and at Volcom retail stores. Volcom ended up selling 7,000 t-shirts! 


A series of bespoke skateboards commissioned by W Hotels of New York in partnership with STOKED. Icons Cara DeLevingne, Amar’e Stoudemire, Cope 2, David LaChapelle, and Zana Bayne’s designs were inspired by New York City. We celebrated the launch with a block party in Union Square and an after party in Lilium. 


In 2012, Mountain Dew and Motive, a hybrid agency, gave STOKED youth the opportunity to create a Mountain Dew commercial featuring Lil’ Wayne from ideation to post-production.

The project, known as DEWeezy, lasted 2 months. STOKED youth applied for 10 spots to participate in the project. Throughout the program, youth received professional training, mentoring from industry professionals, industry insights such as field trips to a premiere sound studio, and Mountain Dew brand immersion.

Students were flown to Miami for the commercial production for a behind the scenes look. The commercial officially aired during the Dew tour in September of 2012 and the full DEWeezy documentary aired on March 31, 2013. The commercial received over 3 Million Youtube views. This is the commercial our students created.

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