Our mission at STOKED is to create a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action.


The Opportunity Gap

According to The National Bureau of Economic Research, a child’s family income is now the greatest predictor of how successful that child will be as an adult. Children from low income communities are less likely to graduate from high school and more likely to battle low self-esteem. On the flip side, a child with wealthy parents is more likely to graduate from college and pursue a fulfilling career. STOKED comes into inspire underserved teens and give them the resources most middle and upper class families provide for their children, like mentorship, college counseling, resume building and so much more.

Why Action

We believe that riding a wave, building a skateboard, and gliding down a snowy mountain can show teens that they are capable of greatness. Individual sports force kids to address fear, dig deep, and conquer by trying. In our book, failing is simply a reason to do it again. When they succeed the glory is internal, a feeling of self-accomplishment that instills resilience, confidence and excitement to keep tackling new challenges. STOKED gives access to opportunity, placing kids in environments that not only change their perspective, but also their lives. 

our impact

STOKED develops a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action.

  • 4,000 youth served since 2005
  • Currently serving 550 youth, in 21 schools, and 3 cities (Visual: NY, LA, CHI)
  • 100% of STOKERS who complete 4 years of our program graduate from high school
  • Through action sports we accelerate youth development, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

What STOKED Students Say…

  • 100% of students feel safe at STOKED.

  • 100% connected with and learned from their coach and mentors.

  • 100% of students want to participate in more STOKED programs in the future.

  • 93% felt that STOKED projects helped them learn time management

  • 89% feel more connected to their school and community because of STOKED.

  • 84% were more active this year because of STOKED weekend programs.


Hour by hour… 

  • 570 STOKED Hours / Per Student / Per Year - all through the mentorship program (or under the banner of mentors)
  • Project-based Learning Activities / College and Career Counseling
  • Physical Activity
  • Community Service

Deeply rooted in each community we serve, STOKED works to close the opportunity gap and prepare disadvantaged students for what’s ahead.  

The STOKED Students / Who We Serve

  • 90% of youth receive free or reduced lunch at their public schools

  • 93% of youth are Black, Hispanic or Asian